"Our Mission is to enable people & teams with purpose to excite others through their authentic story"
To excite people in business you need to engage the whole human. This means engaging the heart as much as the mind. The Core Story team are made up of people who are a mix of thought leaders in business, the arts and leadership development. Their mission is to enable people and teams with purpose to excite others through their authentic story.
Padraig Hyland
Audience Alchemist
Padraig is a founder and CEO of The Core Story and is a specialist in business strategy & engagement. Padraig is a thought leader in the evolution of authentic strategy and using story to evolve leadership and engage audiences. He has designed a framework, The Core Story Process™, to create authentic strategies that will engage and excite audiences. It has been successful in many global blue chip organisations suchas Heineken, Smurfit Kappa and Paddy Power.

He has developed business content for the Internet, TV, and Radio, appeard on BBC TV and Radio as well as TV AM in Ireland. He has written and presented two series of leadership training videos for The Ninja Leadership Training Academy on Meet The Boss TV. He has also written and performed stand-up comedy shows for the Edinburgh Festival based on a coaching theme.
Murieann Ryan
Authentic Voice Fairy
Muireann ran away to join the circus (well, to become an actor), when she was in her twenties, and has been on a quest to thrill audiences ever since. She gets as much satisfaction from enabling others to excite an audience also. Muireann is a Facilitator and Vocal Coach. Her passion is to help people connect with their authentic voice to enable them to speak from a connected place.

She is an accomplished singer and actor. She has played lead in productions of "Translations", "Jesus Christ Superstar", and "The Merchant of Venice", as well as roles in features such as "Jack Taylor", and "Songs for Amy". She is currently the musical director for a number of choirs and has a passio for bringing out the hidden voice in us all. Muireann studied her craft extensively including Meisner at the Actors Temple in London, & Voice Technique at Bristol Old Vic.
Sheila Ryder
Story Wizard
Sheila wrote her first story when she was 7. In it, the princess saves the prince from a life without jam. Sheila has always written stories with strong heroines. Sheila loves to work with story but also believes it can bring clarity and purpose to choices about how you feel about your work.

Sheila specialises in Applied Story and Story Craft. She studied Playwriting and Performance in the Method Studio London and holds a Masters in Screenwriting from Royal Holloway University of London. She wrote and performed comedy sketches in London and Edinburgh for 5 years and has a number of writing projects for stage and screen currently in development. Alongside Sheila's writing career she has worked as a business consultant for over 15 years in Start-Up Enterprise and SME business development both in Ireland and the UK. She holds a bachelor degree in Commerce and a Masters in Accountancy.
Brendan Comerford
Captain Content
Brendan has always been creative but it was when he moved away from his home in Kilkenny to Australia he finally started to persue his passion for movie making. He studied film in Australia where he excelled in a career making short films, television commercials and music videos.

His success led to an award for his work as a DOP (Kodak Film Television Commercial Award) and has also been acclaimed for his work on music video and TV.

Brendan has a passion for all things film and is always working on a number of projects that inspire his eye for a good moving picture.
Shane Connery
Performance Pirate
Shane's story start's working in the beef industry exporting on the hoof to all corners of the globe. Like all great stories there was a twist and his journey took him into the film industry. Shane has trained and worked as an actor for both stage and screen and has performed in Ireland and Australia.

His entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to produce award winning films and launch a video on demand high tech start up. he cares about unlocking creativity in the workplace, allowing humanity and emotion to power an authentic individual forward on their mission in life.
Nigel Green
The Maker of Maps
All epic stories are about change and the journey of that change. Nigel Green is a Change Designer; he specilaisies in navigating change journeys. Over his career, he has developed change strategies, and business-technology architectures, for both established and start-up organisations around the world.

He is recognised worldwide as a thought-leader and author. In 2007, Nigel co-authored “Lost In Translation: A handbook for Information Systems in the 21st Century”. This book discusses the trend towards distributed data processing and other concepts that underpin today’s digitally enabled world. Today, Nigel advises companies worldwide on how to plan and execute large-scale, digitally- enabled, change programmes.
Una Herlihy
Senior Facilitator
Una started her career as an executive in an ad agency when shoulder pads were "de rigeur" and she spent most of the following 15 years facilitating a perpetual cycle of ideation and creation for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Black and Decker.  Remember them?  Yes, Adland was very glamorous back in the 90’s!  Always one for the relationships and very much a people person, she was frustrated by the fact that Clients and Agencies didn’t always get along, that relationships were often fractious and that people shouted a lot.  Una has developed process that creates an environment for multiple people and teams to deliver great work. Una is a natural born facilitator, communicator and connector of people. She is creative and resourceful and starts every day with the intention to bring progress to the Client and Agency world. She has a Honours BA in languages from UCD and a post-grad in Advertising and Marketing from DIT.
Penny O'Neill
Truth Seeker
As a seeker of truth and authenticity Penny has travelled and worked in a number of European countries with her international marketing bag. Having studied film and international marketing, Penny brings broad minded, well-honed creative thinking to her clients’, Proctor & Gamble, John Rocha at Waterford Crystal, Europcar and Barry’s Tea. Like a method actor Penny immerses herself in her client’s business. This gives her great insight and relevancy to her marketing strategies and implementation processes. Bringing humanity back into business and marketing is a key element of Penny’s approach. She describes herself as a people (and film) watcher, team player, creative thinker and practical doer.
Declan Tyrrell
Sales Engagement Guru
Game keeper turned poacher. As a former Chief Financial Officer in the City of London with over 20 years buying experience Declan brings a unique insight into the changing buying landscape and clarity into the customers perspective. He believes the problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. People buy from people and for communication to be effective it needs to be Authentic, Brave and Clear. His merger, acquisition and business transformation experience makes him ideally positioned to help organisations successfully embrace change and understand the change their customers are going through. His career has included executive positions with Willis Towers Watson and Matheson in London and Dublin where he successfully drove sustainable profitabile growth. Declan works with blue chip clients across the globe including Google, Oracle, Lexis Nexis, CNA Hardy and HIS Markit. He regularly speaks in places far and wide Including San Francisco, Austin, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, Nairobi, Mombasa and Johannesburg.
Laura Darling
Art Director
Laura has been in love with design since she was old enough to pick up a crayon. It was no surprise to her family when she went to study Graphic Communication at University in Wales where she developed a passion for drawing with Vectors (most of the team don't know what that means either!). She worked as a designer for an internet-based retailer of beauty products before going solo (with encouragement from Padraig) over 5 years ago. She joined The Core Story team last year as Art Director. Passionate about brands! Laura believes that the key to successful branding is understanding the consumer's world and being authentic and consistent in how you interact with them. She enjoys a challenge and is always looking for imaginative solutions to complex problems. She is a passionate cook in her spare time and sells her baked good from a hatch in her Narrowboat.
Maria McHale
Story Hacker
A chance meeting with South African journalist Donald Woods in Galway when she was 16 inspired Maria into a life of stories. Fired up by his tales and life story, she left the west of Ireland to go to London and become a journalist where she worked for several national newspapers and magazines in a variety of roles before striking out on her own in 2001. An award-winning blogger and journalist, she is a regular contributor to the Irish Times newspaper. Maria is also the editor of the Slainte health blog. She works with entrepreneurs to help them showcase their passion and purpose and tell their story for ultimate publicity. She also runs high-level mastermind groups for business people who are action-takers and serious goal-setters.